Award-winning book Edge of Forever ~ Images of Lake Superior offers readers an intimate glimpse of Lake Superior through the beautifully expressive photography of Peter Scott Eide. With its diverse range of texture, shape, and form, this premier North American landscape creates a captivating canvas from which this award-winning photographer's alluring black-and-white photographs reveal a world hidden just beneath the surface of color, a world of flowing grays. Beautifully bound and printed in elegant tritone.


"Peter Scott Eide's black-and-white images of Lake Superior have an emotional range and depth that dramatically convey the power of this commanding land-and-seascape"

-John Lavine, editor, Black & White Magazine


"Dramatic imagery.. a beautiful black-and-white chronicle of the unequaled terrain of Lake Superior."

-Dave Willis, associate editor, Outdoor Photographer Magazine


"A true artist can introduce you, as if for the first time, to the familiar. As you will see from this elemental work in black-and-white, Peter is as much an artist as a photographer.....

Here you will find a collection of moments. Some start with the immediate and draw you into the infinate. Some are mysterious - And some will be places in time that you will linger before turning the page.....or to which you will return again and again."

-Konnie LeMay, editor, Lake Superior Magazine


" Edge of Forever ~ Images of Lake Superior is a stunning book, its calming influence can be felt moments after opening it. Peter Scott Eide's black-and-white photographs enhance the feeling of Lake Superior's timelessness and its hint of magic - it seems as if a reader could reach into the photograph and touch the bracingly cold Lake Superior water, or trace the edge of a smooth stone."

-NEMBA Book Awards, judge


Featuring 92 photographs printed in elegant tritone

Linen Hardcover

128 Pages

11.5" x 12.0"

Signed by Author

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